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Your project is to buy a property in France !

Fantastic, we will assist you with the financial part.


"Loan Brokerage France” is a brand of SOCIETE2COURTAGE which is the leading brokerage agency dedicated to French expats, foreign investors who wish to buy in France.


Our mandate is to get you the best financial conditions from French banks.


The company is led by Jeevanthy Nivert, who has a financial background and has acquiered a lot of expertise

in the banking field for non-residents and foreigners.

Thomas Nivert, is supporting the operations with admin, compliances and business development activities.

Our office is located at Saint Germain en Laye near Paris with a team of 7 people.


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Code of conduct:

Our business deals with money, which is a sensitive topic where trust and

transparency play a critical role.

We intentionally do not sell any investment or insurance solutions and have the sole interest of obtaining the financing for which we are mandated.

Am I eligible for a loan ? 

Based on French law, anybody can buy real estate in France.


Equally,  anyone buying a property in France  is eligible to obtain a loan from French banks.


The process isn’t that straight forward but there are no legal barriers, which is a good start!

What are the eligibility criteria for a loan ?

There are two important criteria to consider: 

The first is your financial strength where your debt ratio (post project) should not exceed 30-35%.

The second deals with the purpose of the investment, such as why do you want to invest, what ‘s your goal, usage of the property...

Common features for a housing loan in France

  • Length 20 years

  • Fixed interest rate ranging from 3.90% to 4.50% (as of 12.2023).

  • Interest only loan (up to 15 years).

  • Cash injection ranges from 10% to 30% of the project's value

  • Collateral varies from 10% to 50% depending on the project's value

  • Loan insurance not mandatory but a common practice in the banking industry.

  • For newly built real estate (VEFA), up to 2 years deferral before installments begin

  • Renovation work can be financed

  • Real estate agent’s fees can't be financed (3-5%)

  • Notary fee can’t be financed (7.5%).

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Financing opportunities when buying real estate in France


Celebrating 10 years in 2024 

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What we do

Our aim is to advise you about the financial options available and get it done !

We do this by collecting a wide range of documents and doing a due diligence / project report that would subsequently be submitted to our banking partners

What we don't do

We are not engaged with real estate agencies and/or search of real estate.

We do not sell any other financial  products aside from mortgages

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Laury, M

To get a loan, in France alone

was a such difficulty.

As soon as we signed with


they call us and we get our "loan"

It was so great !

Stéphane, R

I didn't get the time and i didn't want to spend so much time

preparing all the administrative taff.


did everything from A to Z

they were so efficient !

Bob, T

They take care of everything

and i get especially the best rate for my loan.

They are awsome !



14, rue des Gaudines, 78100 Saint Germain en Laye


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